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Massimo Di Marco was born in 1972, in Sicily, which is the largest Italian island off the southern Italian coast.  He grew up in Palermo, Sicily’s capital, where Vespas are used for transportation and business.  His father, Antonino Di Marco, began working as a Vespa and Lambretta mechanic in Palermo in the fifties. 
Massimo began to have a fascination with Vespas and began to dream about someday becoming a Vespa Service Mechanic. His father, Antonino, noticed his passion for Vespas and when Massimo was seven, began to take him to Vespa Service with him after school. Massimo was more interested in hanging out with his Papa' at Vespa than playing with the kids Massimo had a talent for working on Vespas. At twelve, he began to work as a Vespa Service Assistant Mechanic after school. His boss, Franco Reina, was impressed on how quickly Massimo learned each and every day.  A few years later Massimo was able to assemble and tune a Vespa engine on his own.  Years and years later, he became proficient in diagnosing various types of Vespa engines almost just by listening to them.  He was a born mechanic.
Understanding Massimo’s passion for Vespas, his Papa' helped him open a shop just down their cobblestone street. Within ninety days, Massimo had many clients and was so busy that he ended up hiring two other mechanics to train and work under him. 
Massimo owned and operated his own Vespa Service for five years in Palermo, without a vacation. So, he finally decided to take a much deserved one. He asked his Papa' to look after his business and went on vacation, ending up in California to visit his aunt. While he was there, he met his future wife and they eventually married in 1999. He took his new bride back to Italy to meet the family, where they stayed in Palermo and Tuscany for a year.
“California Dreamin’”
After returning to California, Massimo worked for Vespa of California from 2001 to 2004.  He was their Lead Vespa Service mechanic, and became Vespa service manager of their four locations; Vespa Newport, Vespa San Diego, Vespa Shearman Oaks and Vespa Santa Monica.
After leaving Vespa of California in 2004, Massimo began servicing and restoring Vespas out of his home garage. “Word of mouth” spread that Massimo was honest, reliable, courteous, professional and fair to all. His business boomed accordingly.
With his strong work ethic and growing list of steady clients, Massimo was able to save enough money to open his own shop for Vespa restorations, service and sales.
Massimo's Vespa Shop opened in July of 2006.  Massimo Di Marco is now pleased to be able to offer his professional services to Vespa aficionados throughout Southern California.

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