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At Massimo’s Vespa Shop, complete service for your scooter’s needs are available.
The following is a short list of some of the services we can provide:

 1) Complete restorations 
    (Vintage and new models)

  6) Carburetor rebuilds
   (with new Needle valve, Gaskets, and Float)
 2) Body work
 3)  Engine rebuilds
(with new cruciform, Bearings, Oil seals, Gaskets, Points, Condensor, Piston and Rings, Kick Start Buffers, Brake Shoes, Spark Plug, Coil if necessary,Clutch corks, Bushings, actuating pad, pressure plate, Rewire stator plate if necessary)
 4) Custom upholstery seats available by 
 5) All Vespa parts available
  7) Tire and wheel replacement
 8) Varietor, Belt and
      rollers replacement
     (automatics) stock or  performance
 9) Shock replacement
 10) Full tune up
(oil change, transmission oil change and filter, spark plug, air filter, check brakes, electrical, tire pressure, Carburetor, and all cables)Brake  replacement
 Pick up & delivery available. call for pricing Call Matt: 562-387-5059 or Motorcycle MoveOC : 714-397-6673

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